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¶ Majerit was commissioned by El País in 2007 for their redesign. The project was carried by the internal staff, being consulted by Palmer&Watson from Scotland with whom I've worked before in many other projects. Designing a typeface for such a prestigious newspaper was not a task. The aim was to replacing the 'old' Times that was being used by El País for decades without creating a total rupture. The new typeface should therefore retain some of that 'classic' and neutral look, being equally legible and at the same time bring some sense of contemporary . So, that is Majerit, a plain serifed font for newspaper, without any tricks or fancy stuff, but neither being boring or nostalgic. Majerit is now being revised for further release. Not available for licensing.


¶ Majerit has three main versions: Headline, Deck and text; and two secondary ones: Banner and Capitals. Majerit Headline consists of four weights with matching italics and and and additional Bold Condensed. Majerit Deck version has three weights with italics and in the text also three weights with italics. 


The complementary Capitals were designed to be used in section names and labeling. Three weights were designed. These capitals are derivations of the capital letter used in the main version but with different proportions and higher contrast. The banner version is a derivation of the headline light, also with higher contrast and with a shorter x-height and therefore longer ascenders and descenders.  


Designed for El País in 2007.