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In the spring of 2008 the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) commissioned us the design of a new family of typefaces for their new redesign. In June I started working closer with SvD's Art Director and author of the redesign, Anna Thurfjel whom had Palmer&Watson from Edinburgh has advisers for typography. In the summer off 2008 the first version of the typeface, the text version, and the name Sueca were both approved. The following nine months were to develop, test and produce the 41 Sueca fonts. The new SvD was finally presented September 2009, with great acceptance of Sueca. In February of 2010 the Svenska Dagbladet was the winner of eight awards at the SND. 


¶ In 2011 we were requested to design a new version (with higher contrast) to be used in Svd's Ipad application. The banner version consists in six weights for which we are still designing the matching italics.


¶ We started with a single headline version derived form the text font, but soon we realized the need for other fonts that could be used for headilnes. We've than created a Sans Headline and Slab serif that would work also as an headline font.


¶ While the Headline serifed has four weights and one italic, the Headline Sans has six weights. The Headline Sans is not just a reproduction of the other sans designed for text, it is narrower and it has a double eye 'g', while in the text sans we have 'g' with a single eye.


¶ The Slab fonts were designed to be used in both, big and smaller sizes. It has ten weights ranging from Thin to Heavy. All versions, slab, sans and serif share the same caps height and identical x-height, however they are not really derived form each other, rather they were designed independently with no compromise to match each other, they were in fact optimized for they own style and purpose.


¶ For medium sizes we have designed a specific Deck version derived from the Headline and Text versions meant to be used along with Sueca Slab and Sueca Sans Headline.


¶ For text, at first we have designed three roman weights with one italic and a sans version with seven weights, from light to heavy. In 2011 we added the new semibold and italics for all text weights.


¶ Finally for really small sizes, table and charts we have created Sueca Nano, a special Sans version suited for the purpose.




Designed for the Svenska Dagbladet from Sweden in 2008–2009 .



Other Custom fonts

BesSans, 2005

Expresso, 2006

Majerit, 2007