Flama (normal)

Practical simplicity

Flama is a simple geometric sans serif that mixes aspects of both, european and american sans serif traditions. It was initially designed for signage but soon become a hit among editorial designers. The first version dates from 2002 and had only 5 weights (and than 6) including italics. After being selected as one of 'Our favorites Fonts of 2005", part 1 (a selection of favorites promoted by the Typographica website), Flama was revised and expanded with four new weights, Flama Thin (comissioned by BlackBook magazine), Ultralight, Semibold and Extrabold. Available in ten weights all with italics, ranging from Thin to Black.


Three extra complementary widths complete the familiy: Semi-condensed, Condensed and Ultra-condensed. Flama is used in many publications worldwide, including The Sunday Times, Newsweek and Playboy among others. All Flama fonts have table and text figures with extended character set supporting most of latin based languages.


ThinThin ItalicUltralightUltralight ItalicLightLight ItalicBookBook ItalicBasicBasic ItalicMediumMedium ItalicSemiboldSemibold ItalicBoldBold ItalicExtraboldExtrabold ItalicBlackBlack Italic





Sans serif

2002, 2006, 2015


10 weights / italics