Flama Semi-Condensed

Flama Semi Condensed is another favorite among editorial and newspaper designers. It contains nine weights ranging from Ultra-Light to Black. There are no italics so far. It retains all essential flavour of the original Flama, while being considerably more economic proving to be useful for display and text setting. Equally to Eudald News, Flama Semi-Condensed was first used in the re-design of the Portuguese daily paper Diário de Notícias. Being now used in a wide range of publications worldwide, including The Sunday Times, Newsweek and Playboy among others. As all other Flama versions Flama SemiCondensed has an extended character set supporting most of latin based languages. 



Flama Semicondensed Ultralight 

Flama Semicondensed Light

Flama Semicondensed Book

Flama Semicondensed Basic

Flama Semicondensed Medium

Flama Semicondensed Semibold

Flama Semicondensed Bold

Flama Semicondensed Extrabold 

Flama Semicondensed Black




Sans Serif

2003, 2015



10 weights