Garda Nova

Classic charm times three

In 2015 we revised and expanded our Garda Titling type family, adding two new weights to each of the three variants and revisiting the ligatures and alternates. Originally designed in 1998, Garda was inspired by the writings of Renaissance master calligrapher Francesco Cresci. The capitals-only design was developed for display and titling use, ranging from architectural lettering to refined stationery and packaging of luxury goods. Garda Nova comes in three variants designated by numbers – N.1, N.2 and N.3. They all share the same proportions and construction based on the traditional roman capital letters known as the Capitalis Monumentalis. Each variant has its own distinct characteristics. Garda Nova N.1 faithfully interprets the original drawings of Cresci, with its classic shapes and traditional inscriptional serifs. At the other end of the spectrum is N.3, a low-contrast sans serif with a British feel. Garda Nova N.2 strikes the middle ground – its short serifs and reduced contrast conjure up the atmosphere of the streets in Paris. Each version has its own personality, and can be used individually or in combination with the others. All three variants and their respective weights have a similar glyph set and OpenType features, including lining and oldstyle figures in proportional and tabular widths, alternates organised in stylistic sets easily accessible through OpenType features, and extended ligature sets. With this new version featuring three weights per variant, Garda Nova reaches its full potential as a performant tool for classic and elegant display typography and titling use. The fonts can be licensed as a complete family or as individual styles for desktop and web use.


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Titling capitals

Year of desgn: 1998

Published: 2004

Latest version: 2016


9 weights