Grotzec More

The Grotzec More includes three additional styles to the Grotzec family: Grotzec Xcondensed Bold, Grotzec Narrow Bold and Grotzec Xnarrow Bold. All three styles are available as individual fonts or as a bundle labeled Grotzec More Bold. When purchasing the Grotzec More Bold package you also get (for free) the 'older cousin', Grotzec Condensed Bold. These new styles — that in fact are not that new — are narrower derivations of the condensed version. While the proportions of Grotzec condensed still allow the fonts to be used at small sizes, the new versions of Grotzec are much more narrower than the condensed one and are meant t be used at really big sizes. 


Grotzec Xcond boldGrotzec Narrow BoldGrotzec Xnarrow Bold










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Sans Grotesque



3 widths / 1 weight each