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Marcin typewriter is the monospaced version of Marcin Antique, our contemporary interpretation of late nineteenth century’s French types produced by the Fonderie Gustave Mayeur in Paris.


Based in Paris, the Mayeur type foundry was active in the late 19th and early 20th century. It published a remarkable collection of magnificent type specimens characterised by their splendid use of ornaments, borders, and initial capitals. Those publications contained a wide variety of typefaces for text and display use. The “Antiques” or grotesques providing the source material for Marcin Antique were among the styles showed in the 1894 and 1912 editions of the Spécimen-album de la fonderie Gve Mayeur, Allainguillaume&cie, succrs., both published in Paris.


Instead of emphasising the more mechanical and technical aspects often associated with monospaced fonts, Marcin Typewriter takes its cue from Marcin Antique’s contrast and tone, and merely adapts them to the restrictions of monospaced typefaces. The resulting face looks neither too nostalgic nor too ‘tech’. Marcin Typewriter is suitable for a wide variety of uses and reads frictionlessly. It comes in six weights with matching italics. Except for the two lighter weights that were suppressed, those weights correspond with the weights in Marcin Antique.


The OpenType fonts include Latin Extended character sets, all the different styles of numerals, and—just like in Marcin Antique—alternate glyphs subtly alter the feel of the typeface. Stylistic Set 1 removes the tail from the ‘a’ and turns the double-storey ‘g’ into a single-storey design; and Stylistic Set 2 straightens the leg of the Helvetica-like ‘R’ into a Franklin Gothic-style variant.


Mirroring Marcin Antique, the italics are also slanted romans; their slope is greater than usual, making them stand out in a text. They are drawn lighter than their roman counterparts to compensate for the increase in colour of the sloped forms.






Light Italic




Medium Italic


Bold Italic


Heavy Italic


Super Italic

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6 weights / italics