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Grotzec Poster
One for all

Sometimes, you just need a specific font that fits a certain design job. Grotzec Poster has been designed with that idea in mind: not to be an all-purpose font, but to serve the specific design task of a big titling grotesque condensed type. Grotzec Poster comes in a single bold weight and condensed width, containing an all-new set of features that were not included in the previously released versions of Grotzec. 

Grotzec Poster Condensed with X Condensed and Condensed Bold

Inspired by early European grotesque types found in late 19th century posters and advertising pieces, Grotzec is one of the first sans-serif typeface that I’ve designed, back in 1998. Despite the original release of Grotzec Condensed in 2004, latter expanded with Grotzec More in 2015, most of the styles from the Grotzec collection have never been made publicly available and have been kept within a handful of trusted users. Grotezc Poster is one of them. Its design is directly based on Grotzec Condensed but all its glyphs have been reviewed and edited to be more efficient in big sizes. The contrast has been slightly reduced while the weight difference between uppercases and lowercases stems has been increased. Lower parts of letters such as ‘J’ and ‘t,’ as well as the top part of ‘f’, are now flat, as they used to be in the original design.


Two unpublished versions of Grotzec
Grotzec Poster (top) an Grotzec Condensed (bottom)



While working on Grotzec Poster, I dipped into older iterations of Grotzec and decided to revive some of the alternate forms that existed along the years: a shorter shape of ‘J’, a straight-legged ‘R’, a lowercase ‘a’ with a tail and a single-storey ‘g’ (the latter being a novelty in the whole Grotzec series). I’ve also created an alternate set of hairline diacritics and punctuation marks, allowing tight linespacing and adding a different tone to the whole typeface. Like all other fonts from the Grotzec collection, Grotzec Poster also comes with a set of tabular figures, some arrows and a couple of basic ornaments. Grotzec Poster has proved to work well both on print and on screen. 

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Sans Grotesque



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