Feliciano Type Foundry
Rua das Mercês, 125
1300-407 Lisboa



Since 2001

The Feliciano Type Foundry was officially launched in 2001, almost 20 years ago. While I’m writing this, it’s quite hard to believe that I’ve spend all this years designing, producing, promoting and selling typefaces. Those who are in the business know that this requires great commitment and effort. Off all the my designed typefaces, only a small percentage is published. Nevertheless, I’m committed to get some of these out over the next months. For the upcoming weeks I will post on Instagram and here about released typefaces or typefaces that are nearly ready and planned to be published soon. Meaning, until next summer.


On top, Mazagan, published in 2017 and included in Typographica’s ‘Our favorite Typefaces of 2017’. Bottom top, Merlo Display (italic). I’ve been working on other weights and optical sizes for Merlo over the years, the regular Display weight (roman and italic) is nearly concluded and ready to be published. By the way, Merlo (text) was designed in 1997, published in 2004 and included in Typographica’s list of that same year. Send us an email and ask for trial fonts. . Bottom, Crisol Condensed published in 2018.